Please see below for the current yoga offerings:

Unlimited Membership (includes all group fitness classes) $109
Class Pack Options:
5 class Punch Card $85 (exp. 3 months)
10 class Punch Card $150 (exp. 6 months)
Drop in $20

Meet Our Instructors 

Noël Weatherbee

Noël is truly passionate about all aspects of yoga, and how the benefits extend far beyond the yoga mat. Her intention is to help students access and strengthen their connection with their true selves through conscious breath and movement, so that they can live fully, with more peace, and relate more mindfully to others and the natural world. Noël has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2010; and inspired to share the many benefits with others, completed her 200-hour teacher certification at Frog Pond Yoga in Princeton, MA. Additionally, she has trained in various meditation techniques over the years, and is  certified in Usui Reiki. She encourages students to honor their body and offers modifications to make the practice accessible to all levels of experience and ability. Off the mat, Noël holds a BA in Art History and Environmental Studies, and is an artist, outdoor enthusiast, and advocate for environmental, social, and animal justice. She also helps manage a teahouse at a variety of music, arts, and yoga events throughout the year.

Lelia Mitchell

Lelia was unprepared to discover the power of yoga when she signed up for a class as a way to add mobility to an exercise regimen. Very quickly she learned that yoga was something more magnificent than fitness training would ever be.  She dove in and has never looked back.  Her most valuable lesson was cultivating the ujayi breath and focus on staying present for whatever may arise. Mindfulness training and loving kindness meditation soon followed as ways to help her stay grounded. She’s a mom, a science teacher, and a nature lover. Currently her passions include training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muy Thai Kickboxing.  She completed her 200 hour training at Revolution Community Yoga.  Learning to connect movement with breath opened a whole new world for her and she’s thrilled to help share the gift of yoga with others.

Deirdre McWade

My classes always start with a few minutes to check in with the body, the breath and our state of mind, we’ll move through the body, offering opportunities to stretch, strengthen, and bring space to the whole body. I enjoy working with all levels of Yogi’s from beginners to the more experienced. What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing Students progress in their practice and watch them discover space, balance, strength and confidence. I began my yoga journey over 20 years ago to manage joint pain and limited range of motion. I understand that, for some of us, our bodies show up differently each time we get on the mat, and have learned in my own practice, to modify, use props and vary the practice from one day to the next. Hope to see you on the mat! Deirdre McWade: 200 hour YTT at Revolution Community Yoga. Additional Trainings: Restorative Yoga, Back-bends and Inversions, with Theresa Murphy, Yoga Anatomy and Bio-mechanics, Anatomy and Kinesiology with Susi Hately. CPR Certified and Insured. Currently enrolled in an apprenticeship with Jacqui Bonwell. 

Ashley Sporleder

Ashley first discovered yoga in 2016 at a time when she needed it most. As an athlete and Type A personality, she was no stranger to exercise but didn’t see the value in “stretching.” Within 30 days, that all changed. For the first time in a long time (maybe ever), she slowed down and felt at home on her mat. While the physical changes were great, it was the spiritual transformation that kept her coming back for more. Through yoga, she was able to get out of her head and into her body and in turn, find balance, compassion, and acceptance. In 2018, she completed her 200 hour teacher training under Cindy Boulter at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton, MA.  She has now dedicated herself to being a life-long student and wants to share with others exactly what yoga has given her: confidence, self-love and gratitude. She teaches vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga. As a teacher, her goal is to facilitate a space where her students can experience all of the above and breathe.  Her classes focus on alignment, self-awareness and breath work and are accessible to all levels and all bodies.